Kay really walks her talk! During her inspiring presentation at the National Senior Women’s Basketball Association special event held during the 2011 Senior Olympics in Houston, she had 150+ senior athletes on their feet, singing, clapping and movin’ and groovin’ to her signature song, “Get UP….Get OUT…and Get your MOVE ON! Great job, Kay! As always, thanks for your inspiration to us all!

– Kirsten Cummings, CEO/Founder, National Senior Women’s Basketball Association

Kay is a wonderful addition to any event. She’s fun, inspiring, and entertaining. As a professional singer and motivational speaker, you can count on her to deliver a high energy program, filled with cutting-edge information and her trademark passion and enthusiasm. As a multiple gold-medal winning senior athlete, Kay also provides living proof that anyone can do anything at any age.

– Dori O’Rourke, CEO, National Senior Athletes Association

Kay is an inspiration to us all. She has as much energy as anyone we’ve met touring the world!

– Eric S. Nemeth, Sr. Director of Live Event Publicity at Harlem Globetrotters International, Inc.

Kay Seamayer is a phenomenon! Her energy is contagious and her talent is endless. I personally can’t get through our summertime (Speakers) Showcase each year without her jazzing things up at the piano plus vocals. She is a valued member of PennyTerk.com and she is among the best in the business!

– Penny Terk, Founder of PennyTerk.com (Speaker’s Bureau)

Above, Left to Right: Newy Scruggs, NBC 5 Sports Director (Dallas); Kay Seamayer, Keynote Speaker; William E. Peterson, Chair, Dallas-Fort Worth Federal Executive Board. Annual Public Service Awards Event at Hyatt Regency DFW.

The United States Government Federal Executive Board-DFW salutes Kay Seamayer for excellence in public service and participation as Guest Speaker at the Public Service Awards Program.

– The United States Government Federal Executive Board, DFW

Above: Kay Seamayer aka Granny Globetrotter™ and Globetrotter Anthony “Buckets” Blakes in 2012.

You know, the Harlem Globetrotters are all about making sure we spread the message about the importance of staying healthy and in shape. These women are phenomenal! The things they can do at their age lit a fire under me to inspire me to keep in great shape. My hat’s off to them… or I should say, my head band is off to them!

– Globetrotter Anthony “Buckets” Blakes

Above: Nancy Lieberman, Hall of Famer and Kay Seamayer aka Granny Globetrotter™

I have so much respect for the Granny Globetrotters. Their passion and love for the game inspired my campers when they attended my camp.

– Nancy Lieberman, Hall of Famer

Above: Globetrotters “Big Easy” and “Flight Time” with Granny Globetrotter™.

You see those outfits? The can definitely come hang with us….I’m seeing athletes play right now….it doesn’t matter their age.

– “Big Easy”

Above: Tausha Mills, WNBA and Granny Globetrotter™

Mama Kay, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw you at the DeSoto Rec center gym shooting those three pointers, right and left handed hook shots and moving around the court with such athletic ability! It has been an honor and a pleasure working with you over the past few years to take your fitness and game to a whole other level. And you were a quick study going from your high school two handed set shot to a nice one handed jumper! You are truly an inspiration to all ages! Keep on inspiring and motivating others to stay active, fit, healthy and enjoying life through your speaking career!

– Tausha Mills, WNBA

Above: Granny Globetrotter™, Globetrotter Fatima “TNT” Maddox and Carly Jenkins. Girl Power – 3 Generations… still loving and playing the sport!

It’s amazing and inspiring to see them (Granny Globetrotters) out there still moving really well and having a passion for the game.

– Fatima “TNT” Maddox (Dallas, 2012)

Above: “Blenda Rodriguez”, Granny Globetrotter™ and Kevin “Special K” Daley, Showman – Harlem Globetrotters 2011.

You guys (Granny Globetrotters) are truly an inspiration to us. We play more than 300 games a year, and sometimes I think I don’t know if I can keep going, but then … I see you guys running all over the place out here.

– Kevin “Special K” Daley, Showman

Photo Credit: Loyd Brumfield, Best Southwest Neighbors Go Editor.